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At 13  years old the owner Steve worked at Peach State Cafeteria in Cordele for 3 years until it closed.  This is where his work ethic and love for the people involved in the food industry began.  This fire burned for thirty years until his family was grown up and he now could afford take the risk of going into business.  Cordele had plenty of other restaurants but no sit down bar-b-que, we presently are still the only sit down bar-b-Que around for at least 20 miles.  The ups of this type of restaurant are the laid back comfortable atmosphere it allows, you really don't want bbq too fancy.  The downs are it's predominantly meat making food cost a constant challenge.  All in all it's worth it, we've served a govenor of Georgia twice, a pro baseball player, country music star, and Kansas City professional bbq judges more than once.  It's the people you meet that make it worth it, not the money.  


We opened on June 10,  2003 in a refurbished gas station.  We operated there for eleven years, it was small but we were family and it worked out well. In 2011 we purchased 2 acres on a corner lot next to Interstate 75, off of exit 102.  We moved a commercial industrial building onto the lot in June of 2014 and opened for business at the new location August 15, 2014.  We commonly say "exit 102 for bbq" which came from a couple from Indianna who had forgotten which exit we were on.  They used this saying as a reminder.

We use only the highest quality of meat and cook fresh daily. Our product is served with sauce on the side, and we make 4 sauces in house so that hopefully one will suit your personal taste. Our beans, cole slaw, potato salad, and brunswick stew are all made from scratch using old family recipes. Our desserts are home made as well.

Please let us know if we miss anything that could possibly make your Smoakies experience any better. We assure you all efforts will be made to make this happen. We Thank You for your patronage and look forward to serving you.

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